The Devon Meadows Football Netball Club has existed since 1977 and provides the opportunity for many young men and women

in our local community to play Australian Rules Football and netball. We exist as part of the Mornington Peninsula

Nepean Football League (MPNFL), and in 2004 we formed a part of the Casey Cardinia Competition.

In 2012, the club successfully applied to the league to be moved into the Nepean Division of the MPNFL giving the club

great exposure all along the Mornington Peninsula.

Season 2012 saw the re-opening of the new and improved Glover Reserve. The ground redevelopment is

something the club had been petitioning the council to deliver for 20 years. The commitment of $550,000.00 to

overhaul the surface has made the ground surface first-class and as good as any in the region. When

combined with our already superb social rooms, we now boast facilities that I’m sure are the envy of every

club. With these great facilities already in place, it puts the DMFNC in a great position to set ourselves up and

secure our club’s position in this very strong MPNFL.